Journal Articles

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Book (Monograph)

Brooks, S. (2010) Rice Biofortification: Lessons for Global Science and Development. London: Earthscan

Rice Biofortification

“A deeply thought-provoking book, this study of biofortification in rice explores how and why public science so often irons out complex needs into a demand for pre-packaged solutions… [This] book is essential reading for both critics and proponents of biotechnology in international development” 

– Paul Richards, Professor Emeritus, Knowledge, Technology and Innovation, Wageningen University

“a carefully reasoned, meticulously researched account of the tenacity of a certain kind of science … Brooks writes from experience in the field, not just from the sidelines, and shows how multiple pressures and opportunities coagulate in the form of singular high-tech, high-modernist and market-driven scientific solutions for complex, variable and dynamic social problems”

– Joanna Davidson, Associate Professor of Anthropology, Boston University

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Book Chapters

Brooks, S. (In Press) The platformisation of global development: a political economy analysis, in Paul, R., Carmel, E., Cobbe, J. (Eds.) Handbook on Public Policy and Artificial Intelligence. Cheltenham: Edward Elgar (June 2024).

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Other publications

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