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Where possible, I have provided links to open access materials. If there are any papers you cannot access, please contact me

Recent publications 

Brooks, S. (In Press) The platformisation of global development: a political economy analysis, in Paul, R., Carmel, E., Cobbe, J. (Eds.) Handbook on Public Policy and AI, Cheltenham: Edward Elgar

Brooks, S. & Meçe, M.H. (2023) The impact of rural emptiness on gender relations in postsocialist Albania, Sociologia Ruralis

Brooks, S. & Kumar, A. (2023) Why the Super-Rich Will Not Be Saving the World: Philanthropy and “Privatization Creep” in Global Development, Business and Society


A full list of publications can be found here, and short articles and blogs here.


Sally Brooks

I write about global development, technology and agrarian change, philanthropic foundations, and rural politics.


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