Welcome to my website which brings together my research and writing.

Where possible, I have provided links to open access materials. If there are any papers you cannot access, please contact me

Selected publications (open access unless marked*)

Mamonova, N., Franquesa, J. & Brooks, S. (2020) ‘Actually Existing’ Right-Wing Populism in Rural Europe: Insights from Eastern Germany, Spain, the United Kingdom and Ukraine, Journal of Peasant Studies, 47(4) 1497-1525 

*Brooks, S. (2020) Brexit and the politics of the rural, Sociologia Ruralis, 60(4) 790-809

Brooks, S. (2018) Behavioural Nudges: Mildly Paternalistic or a Threat to Economic Justice for the Poor? Next Billion, 21 May 2018

Gabor, D. & Brooks, S. (2017) The digital revolution in financial inclusion: international development in the fintech eraNew Political Economy, 22(4) 423-436 

Brooks, S. (2016) Inducing food insecurity: financialisation and development in the post-2015 era. Third World Quarterly, 37(5) 768-780 

A full list of publications can be found here, and short pieces here.


Sally Brooks

I research and write about international aid & development, food & agriculture, and rural politics.


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